Luxury Spa Robes...Your prescription
for mind-body comfort & relaxation.

At, we understand your need to wind down, relax, and feel nurtured at the beginning and end of each day. We bring you the most luxurious men's and women's spa bathrobes on the market. We have a variety of essential spa quality robes including Plush Velour Spa Robes, Terry Cloth Robes, Waffle Spa Robes, Kimono Spa Robes, Cotton Spa Robes and Spa Body Wraps.  No matter which spa quality robe you choose, all our bathrobes are classic, simple and luxurious.  Our spa robes are luxury because they are high quality, built to last, and they evoke the same sensation you get at a luxury hotel or spa...because that's exactly what they are designed for. Our luxury spa robes are simple and made well, so you will love them every time you step out of the shower, walk to your hot tub or curl up on your couch with a book. Enjoy Shopping!